Fair Trade Schools


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The first Fair Trade School in Gwynedd!

Mrunal Lahankar discussing fair trade cotton in India.

The children from the outset have driven the Fairtrade agenda in school. The praise for Ysgol Llanllechid being the first school in Gwynedd to be accredited as a Fairtrade school goes to the enthusiastic and principled pupils. After studying slavery in history in the context of their partnership with Jamaica, the pupils went on to investigate whether there were any injustices today that they weren’t aware of. When they realised that it was children who made some of our goods and that adults too can be bonded workers tied unfairly to their employers, the pupils, many of them descendants of the Penrhyn Quarry strikers, very quickly decided to campaign for Fairtrade goods. Their argument is that a cup of tea or a bar of chocolate tastes better when you know that no child or adult has suffered during the collection and manufacture of the product and that part of the profit from Fairtrade goods returns to the community to pay for schools or clinics according to locally identified needs.

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The pupils are passionate
about Fairtrade!
The pupils arrange a
Fairtrade Raffle

The pupils’ initiatives have included producing Fairtrade goods, holding raffles where the cost of a ticket is a Fairtrade label, a survey on the availability of Fairtrade goods in local shops, ‘blind’ chocolate tasting sessions for the pupils … and the parents, inviting Fairtrade producers to the school to discuss their experiences, Fairtrade crafts, sharing resources with other schools, and various lively Fairtrade celebrations.

Tristan Humphreys, Fairtrade Wales Campaign Manager said: “I accompanied Mrunal (from India) to discuss Fairtrade Cotton with Years 5&6 classes and was delighted with the welcome. The atmosphere around the school and enthusiasm of the children for Fairtrade was inspiring!