International School


“The provision for promoting pupils' understanding and experiences of global citizenship are outstanding. Respecting multiculturalism, promoting antiracist attitudes and developing fair play and equal opportunities are strong elements of the school's culture.”
Estyn Inspectors School Report 2010.

ysgol ryngwladol
Years 3&4 celebrate
having pen-pals in Jamaica

Visitors to the school

What can be more important than preparing our children for the wider world. It’s a world of exciting cultural, career and business opportunities but also of social and environmental responsibilities. Our co-working with schools abroad is a great boost to our pupils understanding of and skills in language, numeracy, information technology, art, history and geography. Indeed, because of the long-term success of our Jamaica partnership, Ysgol Llanllechid was selected by the British Council as the best example of good practice for its training video which is distributed worldwide.

The pupils’ enthusiasm and enjoyment drives our Global Education curriculum as they proceed to eg:
• Communicate with their penpal in our partner schools in Jamaica and China.
• Celebrate the holidays of various cultures.
• Learning about interesting aspects of living and eating in other countries.
• Welcome visitors from countries across the globe including Japan, China, India, Finland, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Jamaica.
• Develop thematic and current projects with their overseas partners eg the study of the Olympics, Rugby World Championship, Football World Championship, earthquakes and tsunamis, abolition of slavery, human rights, anti-racism, wealth and poverty, Fairtrade, interdependence, habitats and their creatures, protecting our environment, health and fitness through play, art and music.

ysgol ryngwladol
Ysgol Llanllechid is an international school who partners with China.

The Chinese Dragon celebrates
on the playground

Testimony to this education’s success is that time and time again visitors to the school say that there’s no beating the pupils maturity in their discussion of important aspects in our world, nor their enthusiasm to give support and help to others in desperate need. One of our all-time favourite visitors to our school has been the world-famous poet Benjamin Zephaniah who said: “I’ll always have a very special place in my heart for the school and I think it’s a great example of how a school that on the surface can seem isolated, really is plugged into the world.”